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Logo-EsqSuites-JPG-1-300x120In a city populated by cultures that thrive in community both personally and professionally, COVID-19 has changed the landscape of life in Miami.  Some of the hardest hit areas have been the restaurant and retail establishments who thrive on gatherings as their norm.  Other businesses have been functional in resolving their immediate needs through online communications such as Skype, Facetime, and the all so popular Zoom.

In the practice of law however, the networking of fellow attorneys provides benefits that cannot be accomplished in a Zoom Room.  The ability to confer or collaborate with peers has been a long-standing method of enhancing and sharpening the tools necessary in working a case.  The elucidation of this point is made evident in the hallways of law firms and courthouses throughout.

With the doubtful return to water cooler gatherings or office life in general, what will law firms look like for the rest of 2020 and beyond?

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Law is a profession that is most successfully practiced in collaboration with other lawyers. The ability to brainstorm and get advice about legal issues or practice strategies is essential to the successful practice of law.  Collaboration with other lawyers:

  • Reduces Malpractice Risk.

By accessing the legal expertise of other lawyers in the shared office facility, attorneys can quickly advise clients on areas where they may not be as comfortable without exposing themselves to additional malpractice liability. Continue reading

Many students graduating from law school imagine working at a large, professional law firm. They want a law career that is fast-paced and looks like it came straight out of a Hollywood movie. They often overlook the small to mid-sized firms that could offer them a career just a fulfilling. They also don’t consider some of the major disadvantages of working at a large law firm. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest disadvantages of working for a large law firm.

Long Hours

In a large firm environment, there is no standard 40 hour work week. However long it takes to accomplish a task, gather information, write up documents, is how long it takes. It is not uncommon for lawyers working for large firms to work 50 – 80 hours a week. Working those kind of hours wears a person down quickly, especially if they have a family that they are not getting to spend time with.

Competitive Environment

You might think that working your way up the corporate ladder sounds like an exciting challenge but it becomes even more difficult to achieve in a large law firm. Large firms attract a wide range of high profile talent with impressive skill sets. This creates a massive amount of competition for the best projects, promotions, partnership spots, and profits.

High Expectations

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Coral Gables/Downtown Miami, Florida | Shared Office Space Exclusive for Lawyers and Law Firms

In the legal profession, it is essential for your firm to be surrounded with like-minded professionals in order to maintain success. Lawyers from all specializations will have access to these suites. Your firm is as strong as your network and ESQ.suites is providing your firm an opportunity unlike any other in the networking field. Building connections with lawyers from various specializations and firms is essential in your law career. Having a diversity in neighbors will allow collaboration and the ability to successfully share and market each other’s specializations with clients.


Neighboring suites right out of your office door will be prime networking opportunities. Because of this accessibility, clients who require your services will never have to leave the building, and you never need to leave your office.

Endless Event

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