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In the legal profession, it is essential for your firm to be surrounded with like-minded professionals in order to maintain success. Lawyers from all specializations will have access to these suites. Your firm is as strong as your network and ESQ.suites is providing your firm an opportunity unlike any other in the networking field. Building connections with lawyers from various specializations and firms is essential in your law career. Having a diversity in neighbors will allow collaboration and the ability to successfully share and market each other’s specializations with clients.


Neighboring suites right out of your office door will be prime networking opportunities. Because of this accessibility, clients who require your services will never have to leave the building, and you never need to leave your office.

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We all learned in grade school that if A equals B, then B equals A.  The principle of transitivity may be an axiomatic in mathematics, but it doesn’t carry over into commercial real estate.  Any lawyer looking to lease an office from a landlord will quickly learn that 1,000 square feet does not mean 1,000 feet of usable office space.  Because of the way office leases work, you’ll need to rent a bigger space than you planned so that your team and equipment can fit.

One thousand square feet ends up being less because of what landlords call the “loss rate.”  First, office suites are measured from the outside of the exterior walls.  That means you’re paying for the space taken up by outside bricks or siding, window wells, insulation, and drywall.

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The Top Five Issues Affecting Commercial Real Estate in the near-term are as follows:

  1.  Interest Rates & The Economy

The Federal Reserve’s plan is to nudge interest rates back to historically normal levels.  Concurrently, the passing of The Tax Cut and Jobs Act has enacted fiscal stimulus through deficit spending.  As expansionary fiscal policy collides with tightening monetary policy, some speculate increased Federal borrowing could crowd out private entities from the debt market, while those who successfully secure financing face higher interest rates.

2.  Politics & Political Uncertainty

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You have a plan. A plan to grow a law firm with your principles and vision ingrained in its operations.  This goal isn’t easy, it will take time, research, sweat, and yes money.  Missteps could prove fatal. It is important to use resources wisely while laying the foundations of the firm and increasing the number of clients.

Starting costs can be an obstacle.  Direct leasing an office is one of the largest expenses, especially in the Miami real estate market.  Not only would new law firms pay high upfront costs for a direct lease, they would also have to spend money on furniture and an IP internet network.  Office equipment such as printers also add up.  The hard-work of establishing an office not only takes huge sums of money, it also takes away precious time that business owners should be using to grow their law firm.

There is an alternative.

Costs Associated with Direct Lease versus ESQ.suites

Every lawyer dreams of having an office with his or her name on the door or, even better, on the facade of a building. But what does realizing this fantasy really entail? It turns out that being a tenant in a commercial office space is both expensive and time-consuming.

Technology Headaches

Every lawyer knows the pressure of facing a court deadline and of relying on an internet connection to make sure that an electronic filing is safely lodged with the court.  At ESQ.Suites, we have state-of-the-art connectivity that guarantees that there will be enough bandwidth for the lawyers working out of our suites.  Our community of lawyers serve their clients by focusing on generating top-notch legal documents rather than worrying about whether the office technology will work.

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Are you a self-employed lawyer who does business in the downtown Miami and Coral Gables area?  If so, you should consider getting a shared office space for your law practice.  Below are three advantages you can enjoy once you have a flexible shared office space in Miami, Florida.

  1. You can save time and be more productive

Time is precious when you are in the legal profession.  A shared office space can boost your productivity and save you a considerable amount of time since you can start working the minute you arrive.  Our offices are turnkey and offer a range of amenities, so you won’t have to worry about trying to find an appropriate work space at the last minute.

One of the greatest challenges for private lawyers beginning a career or starting their own practice can be finding clients and networking with the community.

ESQ.suites can help solve both of those challenges.

By renting shared office space with other established lawyers, you have the opportunity to network with people in your field just by showing up to the office.  Clients can be referred to you through the working relationship you will develop with others in the building.  Being part of a professional community helps offset the cost of renting an office by providing the invaluable experience of associating with others in your field.  Through the collaboration and sharing of expertise that becomes possible when you are near other lawyers, your business will be more profitable and likely to succeed.

“It’s more than just an office, it’s a way to grow your practice.”

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